RFC: authorization module for Expressive and PSR-7


Hello @enrico

thank you for your effort to but together the authorization and authentication RFC. I need for project a module with exactly these functionality. I already started to implement my own module as I saw these RFC by coincidence.

Can you estimate when the module is ready for production? Are there some task where I can help out?


Hi @zf2timo,

the zend-expressive-authorization itā€™s almost done. I need to move it in the zendframework organization on github and split the adapters in separate components.
Regarding authentication, Iā€™m working on it here. I need to complete the HTTP Digest, OAuth2 (using thephpleague/oauth2-server) and PHP Session. I think it will be ready for next month.


Hi @enrico, looks promising. Keep up the good work :slight_smile: